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Tower of High Wizardry

Full Name Tower of High Wizardry
Location Kingdom of Anquar
Head Master Harikus Verushka
Number of Students/Faculty/Staff 500-600/35/24
Demographics Human (Anquar) 100%
Languages Quaryn 100%
Year Founded 1248 CY
Wealth Average
Entrance Requirements Magical aptitude test, sponsorship.
Curriculum General magic.
Yearly Tuition 750 gold quar per year
Arcane Coding Systems Used Inedka

The Tower of High Wizardry is the name of the official school of wizardry in the Kingdom of Anquar on the continent of Qeshir. The Tower is sometimes called "Balintor's" after the founder. It is a well regarded school that many noble families hope to send their most gifted children to. King Dalmoran sees the benefits in having powerful wizards serve him and so he funds the school, but also keeps close tabs on it.

This huge tower is an architectural mind-boggler. It is 52 meters (170 feet) in diameter and 25 stories tall. It's lean grey form looms over the city below. It houses within it over 140 chambers. It is rumored that a vast network of subterranean tunnels and chambers lie beneath the tower as well.

The Tower of High Wizardry has a staff of 35 full time wizards that teach and a staff of 24 servants. The typical student body is 600 students. About 30 students graduate each year. Each student studies an 8 year course. Competition to be a student at the Tower of High Wizardry is fierce. Students must be sponsered by an alumni of the Tower and also must show some magical talent by completing a series of tests and interviews with the faculty. Only then are they admitted as a first year student.

The Tower of High Wizardry is much more than a school. It also serves as a Guild of sorts and many full fledged wizards throughout Anquar are members. Guild member wizards can often be found here researching in the library, conducting experiments in the main laboratory or holding conferences with their contemporaries. It is not uncommon for them to serve as guest lecturers in classes.

There are rumors that many of the guild members and even some faculty members resent King Dalmoran and his policies and secretly plot to overthrow him. It is said that some of the most elite wizards of the Tower are actively searching for the lost parts of the Talisman. It is likely that King Dalmoran has spies in this school to flush out such traitors.


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