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Magic is a force that few can master. For those with the necessary talent and drive, it can be a powerful ally - a tool, a weapon... a means of artistic expression. But first, they must master it's complex rules. Those who teach magic are rare and great halls and academies where spell mastery is taught are rarer still. What follows below are some of the larger and more prestigious schools of magic. This list is not comprehensive, but these schools do represent a good cross section of such institutions throughout the world.

Most young spell casters learn their spells from a mentor or master whom they serve. It is quite common for an aging wizard to take on one or more apprentices to whom he will teach all his collected wisdom. Where several older and wiser wizards come together and begin to teach larger groups of students, we have the beginnings of a school of wizardry. Such schools run the gamut from rickety cottages to marble halls... from the homes of hedge wizards to the gleaming spires of Imperial universities.

Academy of War Mages (Vorrik)
A military run school that trains talented individuals in the way of the War Mage, a special hybrid of wizard and fighter. War mages are talented spell casters capable of handling themselves on the battlefield. Vorrikan war mages wear armor, use a variety of weapons AND have an arsenal of spells to call upon. Most of their magic is battle related, being directly offensive or defensive. Many war mages are employed by the military. Others travel the world, joining mercenary groups or adventuring parties.

Arcane Order (Carrikos)
The second largest school of magic in Carrikos. This school has a reputation for "higher" academics. The education found here is, considered by many, the very best.

Blackwell’s School of Spells (Normidia)
This small school in the city of Tykron is run by the Headmaster Belusar Blackwell, an accomplished wizard with many spells to his name. He oversees seven other lesser wizards who teach some 60 students the Art. Blackwell’s School of Spells draws students from all over Normidia and produces about a half dozen mages each year. In addition to basic magic spells, the school also teaches basic history, literature, reading, writing, mathematics, geography, heraldry and comparative religion. Blackwell believes in giving his students are well rounded education. He is a firm believer that mages should not be weak or ignorant in the world beyond their spellbook and so prepares his students for anything.

Conservatory of Spell Binding (Chaddamar)
The Chaddamarian Conservatory of Spellbinding is the only official school of magic in the entire nation. The Church of Chaddamar keeps strict control over the use of magic since, according to their religion, magic can so easily be abused. The Church of the Chaddamar does not generally trust pagan magic or the wizards who use it. Therefore, there is some friction between this school and the Church. This institution near the capital city of Illhekar. It has a staff of 45 and teaches about 200 students, graduating about 15 each year. The ruler of the Conservatory is Tomag Kedarran.

Darklore (Duthelm)
Darklore is the most notorious wizards' school in eastern Ithria. This school resides on several upper levels of the Citadel in Duthelm. Many ambitious young people from Duthelm and beyond seek admittance to this school. Less than half are admitted. Some die in training. Others graduate with honors. At any time there will be about 140 students and about a dozen will graduate each year. The most talented graduates have the chance to go on to become Black Sorcerers.

Drakkellian Guild of Sorcery (Drakkel)
The Drakkellian Guild of Sorcery is perhaps the greatest guild of mages in all of southern Ithria. Boasting almost 1000 members, the Guild is located in the heart of the city in a fortress known as Kaldrayden, a tremendous towering colossus of grey stone, jutting balconies and steep tiled roofs. Only members are allowed access to Kaldrayden (Kal-DRAY-den) and all of its 280 chambers which include various bed rooms, lounges, dining halls, kitchens, treasuries and armories.

Forathmire (Arkalia)
A school in the town of Edgewood devoted to the study of alchemy, natural sorcery and elemental magic. Headed up by an eccentric alchemist and head teacher, the school teaches students in the natural magical arts - brewing potions, growing herbs, controlling the four elements and also the healing arts.

Hall of Tomes (Free City of Ithell)
A small school of general magic, located in the city of Ithell and run by a half-baenite school master and wizard.

Ithellian College of Magic and Science (Free City of Ithell)
The Ithellian College of Magic and Science is possibly the most famous magic school in all of Ithria. Although not the largest, it is one of the wealthiest and certainly one of the most prestigious. This school teaches many subjects in addition to magic. A wide spectrum of classes, including literature, history, mathematics, geography, religion, sociology, etiquette and calligraphy make up the mundane tuition. The magical curriculum includes basic magic philosophy, spell research, arcane mathematics, spell formulae, herbalism and alchemy. The Ithellian College of Magic and Science is a source of great pride for the city of Ithell. It is run by Sincro Fashad.

Korumoch's School of Wizarding (Bathynia)
Korumoch's School of Wizarding is a very small school in the town of Korumoch in Bathynia. It is the pride of clan Dunbar. Every mage of any appreciable power that has come out of Bathynia was taught at this school.

Ornisem’s Academy (Corvenia)
This school of wizards has been in continuous operation in the city of Zesrun for longer than most people can remember. It is recognizable by it's single great tower of sand colored stone and its huge red tiled roof that flairs out dramatically. This school takes its name from its headmaster. Ornisem is a very old corvenian wizard who teaches young corvenians to master their inherent magical gifts. He has a small staff and this faculty teaches all age groups, from very young children to adults. The academy teaches children the basics of corvenian magic and brings all students to a certain minimum level of skill. Advanced classes, taught by Ornisem himself, are available for those who wish to pursue a career in magic. The school is supplemented financial by grants from the government. Many corvenian children are sent to complete a basic semester here. Ornisem, while happy to teach everyone who is willing to learn, worries that today's children seem more and more likely to take their gift for granted. He fears for the general character of his countrymen.

Sarribella's House of Seers (Carrikos)
A small independent school in the city of Arcanum which teaches traditional magic with a very unapologetic skeptic's view of the worship of Vorkayne. This school is small and struggling but it is run by a feisty and vocal headmistress who dislikes the totalitarian rule of the Church.

Seminary, The (Carrikos)
The Seminary is the official school of magic in the great nation of Carrikos. This school, which holds a seat of some prominence on a great hill, overlooks the capital city of Arcanum. The seminary teaches traditional magic based upon Vorkayne philosophy.

Tower of Arcanology (Carrikos)
A small independent school located in the town of Stormy Lake in Carrikos. This private school specializes in a special branch of magical research known as arcanology.

Tower of High Wizardry (Anquar)
A small government funded school kept under tight control by the King. This huge tower is an imposing piece of architecture at 25 stories tall. There are rumors that the powerful elite spellcasters of this tower secretly plot against King Dalmoran.

University of Aridorn - College of Magic (Rukemia)
The largest school of magic in all of Ithria is undoubtedly the Rukemian Imperial University's College of Magic. This is one of the main colleges that comprise the Rukemian University, although it is the smallest of the colleges. This school resides in a tremendous fortress of pillars, marble and stone. The building has 86 chambers on 5 floors. Thirty full time faculty teach a student body that typically numbers around 900 students. The College of Magic has a dedicated staff of forty servants that tend to the day to day operations, cleaning and repairs of the facility.


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