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The huge Baen Desert is the largest arid region in all of Ithria, consisting of shifting sand dunes, scorched rock and small patches of scraggly desert flora. Only a few species of fauna and flora can endure the brutal summer climate found here. A few hardy species have evolved to fit this desert ecology and many are found nowhere else in the world. The baenites are the only cultured race that dwell within this area. With the exception of grumman caravans most of the races don’t bother entering this desert. It is difficult to traverse, has few resources and holds little of value. The baenites, however, are extremely well adapted and are quite comfortable in this environment. Besides the baenite villages, the only permanent resident is the ancient and powerful Archmage Morlokk, whose massive fortress dominates a large oasis in the center of the desert. Whether that oasis is naturally occurring or was summoned by magic, none can say. The Baen desert formed as a direct result of the Sundering. This region was once fertile hills and valleys. It contained the town of North Aden where the Alliance cast the legendary Focusing spell. This region was the first to feel the impact of the Sundering and the subsequent World Storm. Some scholars believe that there are ancient ruins from the days of the Alliance still buried beneath the sand.

Great energies from the Sundering still imbue this land and as a result, all magic here is tainted. Spells will behave unpredictably and will perform with less power. This effect is more pronounced the closer one gets to the center of the desert. The baenites have adapted to the magical conditions of the desert over centuries and are no longer effected by it. Baenite sorcerers are equally effective in and out of the desert. It can only be assumed that the desert mage, Morlokk, has also found a way to counter the effects of this phenomenon. Any mage from other lands who ventures into the Baen desert will find his magic weakened and unreliable. It might be possible to overcome this magical distortion, but would probably require many months (or years) of study, research and hard work.


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