The World Of Khoras - Civilization


Name Estimated
Anquar 15,470,000 A once shining kingdom now crushed under the rule of a dictator demi-god.
Arkalia 9,187,500 A small, but prosperous kingdom with a history of chivalry and honor.
Aswanar Wildlands 3,937,500 A realm of jungles and rainforests inhabited by animal like humanoid.
Aukarian Republic 22,680,000 A realm divided up into great and noble Houses that vie for position.
Avar 2,213,750 The nation of the lofty Avarians.
Baen 1,312,500 The desert nation of the Baenites.
Bathynia 7,875,000 The grassland realm of the horsemen.
Border Clans 1,331,250 A realm of primitive tribes that live among scattered ancient ruins.
Borrell 1,015,000 The Ice Barbarians
Carrikos 16,800,000 A realm ruled by mages.
Chaddamar Theocracy 37,485,000 A religious state devoted to the worship of six gods.
Coalition 12,862,500 An evil realm of goblins, bandits, ogres and others loosely united under one banner.
Corvenia 6,842,000 A small nation peopled by "natural" wizards.
Cyrell 5,145,000 The largest of the elven realms.
Drakkellian Alliance 14,280,000 An economic alliance of powerful guild houses.
Duthelm 2,983,700 A dark kingdom ruled by an evil queen.
Eshtar 5,232,500 A land of peaceful fishermen and farmers.
Ethara 2,625,000 A beautiful coastal elven realm.
Falkir Clans 6,317,500 A busy and bustling country of grum.
Fire Isles 316,000 Primitive tropical isles with warring tribes of hunter/gatherers.
Iron States 6,772,500 A realm of iron castles, war and honor.
Jannerus 16,406,200 A central agricultural grumman community.
Juenta Kingdoms 1,263,000 A loose alliance of several kingdoms that share a common ethnicity and culture.
Kalimura 13,387,500 A technologically advanced nation where magic is outlawed.
Karth 4,480,000 The jungle realm of the insect men.
Khenshire 9,143,750 The central grumman realm.
Kitar 4,025,000 A small, but prosperous kingdom peopled by woodsmen and mountain men.
Magrakor 15,960,000 Home of the stout and solid magrakians.
Mercia 5,831,000 A small but wealthy coastal kingdom that boasts a powerful navy.
Myria 4,600,000 A small region of primitive hunter/gatherer tribes.
Normidia 7,166,000 A kingdom of clansmen renowned as hunters.
Ormek 10,465,000 Overpopulated and crime ridden imperial state.
Padashan Empire 21,332,500 An immense and powerful desert empire.
Pirate Isles 735,000 Where there is no law.
Rukemian Empire 28,560,000 A sprawling empire that dominates the east.
Sarid 9,555,000 The tropical home of the dual-brained saridians.
Secambru Tribes 200,000 A wilderness region peopled by a dying race of giants.
Sybren Imperium 26,950,000 The militaristic empire of the war-minded sybrenar.
Talis 2,756,000 The western grassy realm home to feline warriors.
Trossoli Dominion 5,433,750 A recently conquered territory now ruled by the trossoli.
Ulkran 3,680,000 The largest underground city-state of the dwarves.
Urmordia 2,570,000 The oldest of the great subterranean dwarven city-states.
Uthran 5,005,000 A joint human-dwarven nation known for fine steel and superb smiths.
Vaul 1,943,750 Peaceful homeland of the wise and mystical vaullians.
Vorrik 8,050,000 A northern realm of warriors.
Warvale 6,693,000 A collection of duchies ruled by the Rukemian Empire.


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